About Stamfrey Farm Organics

Stamfrey Farm is located on the edge of the village of West Rounton with a view looking out
over the North Yorkshire moors. Our herd of 150 organic dairy cows graze on our lush grass
and clover pastures throughout the year.
Stamfrey’s best known product, the clotted cream, is handcrafted by traditional
methods on the farm, using a recipe passed down the generations in Cornwall. Stamfrey
began making clotted cream back in 2003, it started with a trip to Cornwall, Sue asked a
friend for clotted cream, instead he provided us with a separator and said “make your
own” – so we did! It’s sold through farm shops, delicatessens and restaurants, our
largest customer is highly sought after Bettys tearooms.
We began producing our Bio Live Organic pouring yoghurt in 2007 as we were looking
to find a way to make use of our skimmed milk that we get left with after making cream.
We began selling our yoghurt at farmers markets and made slight alterations based on
the feedback we received. The result being a deliciously smooth and refreshing versatile
yoghurt that is popular for its natural fresh taste.
In the dairy we have Susan and Barbara who make the cream and yoghurt, they hand fill
every pot. We also have “Dairy Mary” from Cornwall who knows EVERYTHING about
dairy processing and the science behind it. She is very much of the approach of doing as
little as possible to affect the characteristics of the milk in order to get the best quality
We run our farm as efficiently as possible using natural systems, minimising the use of
antibiotic treatment in our cows is something we believe to be very important for both
the cows future health but also the consumers. We have had great success in minimising
antibiotic use in recent years. The business has been going since 2003 and the volumes
we produce have slowly grown.