Stamfrey Farm Organics – Yogurt

Stamfrey Farm organic low fat breakfast yoghurt was an innovation waiting to happen. The separating process involved in making the clotted cream leaves behind gallons of skimmed milk ñ and no matter where they were born, any Yorkshire farmer worth the name surely must find a good use for it.

And so, the Gaudies hatched the idea of making yoghurt. And with the help of the Yorkshire Forward supported Regional Food Group for Yorkshire and Humber (RFGYH), the new venture looks like being another Stamfrey success. So with a bio live culture Stamfrey Farm developed yoghurt with a consistency ideal for pouring over cereal or fruit. It’s a great start to the day having a smoothie made from Stamfrey Farm yogurt quickly mixed with fruit coulis; very tasty, quick and healthy too.